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Facebook Page promotion methods for Business, Company, Services, Website, or Products-  10 effective ways for beginners to optimize, promote, and increase likes to your Facebook Pages 

Your Facebook page is not only meant for reaching out to the customer, you can also use your company’s Facebook page for promoting your business. The whole world is on Facebook, people are looking for different commodities and services on this social media. The revolution has transformed Facebook into social need from a social media. It is not necessary that every fan on your page is there to buy service or product, but you can always use your Facebook page for developing a better relationship between the customers and your company. You should use some powerful social media tools in order to optimize your social media presence online and to get the goals achieved efficiently and quickly.


Small businesses should use social media platforms to increase sales and their presence online without spending a significant amount compared to other costs involved in marketing and advertising . Read on 3 reasons why small businesses must use social media networks to make a bigger impact on the end user.

We bring to you 10 ways to promote your Business or Services Facebook page and make more and more business out of this social media giant: –


10 Ways to Promote a Business Facebook Page

#1. Put your Facebook page URL in your email signature: –

We all do it, send promotional emails to the subscribed users; we can use this medium in an effective manner, put the URL of your Facebook page as your email signature and ask your users to join the page for regular updates.

#2. Write posts about your Facebook page: –

Your clients are a regular reader of your blogs; people come to your blog to read about the latest concession and discounts available on your site. You can use this blog medium in a very effective way, write a blog post about your new Facebook fan page and attract more and more fans on the Facebook page.

#3. Promote it on your Twitter Account: –

Why limit the promotion to your blog and email signature when you have a successful Twitter account, use the huge fan base in a positive way and make your Facebook page a hit as well. Tweet and ask people to re-tweet the tweet and ask more and more people to join the Facebook page.

#4. A Fan page widget on your blog and site: –

People may not have the time to visit your Facebook page and Twitter account incessantly but they will visit your blog and site every time they will need a product or a service. Use the heavy traffic on your site for increasing your fan base. Place a Facebook widget on your site and convert the incessant traffic into numerous like on your Facebook page. You can also get a like widget, which allows the visitors to like your Facebook page directly from your site.

#5. Get your team involved: –

Every enterprise is made with the equal participation of team members, you can ask your team to come together and make your Facebook page a hit. Ask every individual to put the Facebook page URL on their personal Facebook account and coax them to invite their friend-list to like the page.

#6. Targeted Google Ad words: –

The whole blogging and internet marketing stuff roam around keywords. You can target the specific keywords to increase the number of fans on your Facebook page. Use Google Ad words properly and increase the number of likes by leaps and bounds.

#7. QR codes: –

The advent of technology has made lives easier, people will come to know about your company and site from different mediums like pamphlet, visiting cards and people will try to look for your fan page on different social media like Facebook and Twitter. Putting QR codes on pamphlets and visiting cards will help in reaching out to a huge set of audience.

#8. Ask your fans: –

Word of Mouth is the best kind of marketing. You need not pay for it to anyone; people and your fans will do this for free. Go out and ask all your contemporary fans to invite their friends and help you in increasing likes on your Facebook page.

#9. Promote it offline as well: –

Facebook is not only famous on Internet; people are also talking about Facebook even when they are not using Internet and hence you can use various offline methods for promoting your Facebook page. You can give paid ads in newspapers, ask people to join your Facebook page on Radio and on Televisions as well.

#10. Paid Facebook Ads: –

If all the above tricks fail then go ahead, use your Credit/Debit card and buy paid likes for your Facebook page. You can pay directly to Facebook and target a specific set of audience. Geo targeting is a very powerful feature in Facebook Advertising and it will get you likes that from the people who matter most to your services and the targeting will be relevant and related to your business services.  These Facebook paid ads are very easy to control, you can start and close them as per your budget and convenience.

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