Twitter for Business-7 Tips for Twitter based Social Media Marketing to Optimize Web Traffic

7 Effective and proven ways to use Twitter social network to make more sales and leads from your business or services online


Twitter is a great social media tool for promoting your website contents announcing new events and updating your friends on what you are up to, amongst many other things. One of the great uses I have found for Twitter is to utilize it as a promotional tool for my Amazon Affiliates. Though, different professionals and businessmen use Twitter for different reasons.

But, every business and company uses social media marketing towards their share of success via online advertising and marketing. There are countless reasons why people use Twitter and other social networking channels. Most of the webmasters and bloggers use Twitter purely to improve their website traffic. But, here are 3 common reasons why even small businesses use social media.


7 Proven tips to promote your business on Twitter

5 most common reasons why business people use Twitter today include:-

  1. Creating their Business and services awareness among their target audience.
  2. Making a brand more popular over social media networks
  3. Creating new leads and sales for their business
  4. Promoting any kind of Website for any reasons whatsoever
  5. For spreading latest business news, company announcements, community events, etc


Here are 7 fundamental ways to use Twitter to promote and help you make more sales from your Business or Professional Services :-

Every social platform is different from the others and so are the ways to utilize them effectively. Twitter, being the Number 2 most popular social networking website after Facebook in the world, is used by almost all types of business and companies to represent and promote themselves in front of their target audiences.  If you are new to Twitter or have been unsuccessful with your social media marketing efforts so far, read this small guide to get success with your Twitter account confidently.


#1-Dynamic Followers: Don’t push and try hard. Let them follow you naturally through your content and constant contributions

It starts with having an active and well-informed followers on your Twitter list. The more followers, the better. You don’t have to add followers just for the sake of your business sales tweets. Your first goal should be to create a great list and your business sales come second. Be patient and honest towards your sincere efforts. Keep posting interesting and useful content related to your business or niche. You will soon start gaining good number of relevant Followers everyday.


#2-Find and target Active audiences in your niche world:

For an example, if you are an ebook seller on Amazon website,  then you can easily know who will be your target audience. You can easily find these people by simply searching Twitter for the keywords ‘amazon’ ‘’ or even two words together ‘purchase’+’amazon’. So, it helps to know that these people already purchased books and other things from Amazon. You will be amazed how many there are.

#3- Be creative and don’t annoy your followers by being a repeater

Assuming you have already added these amazon users to your twitter list and vise versa, next comes the real work. Your sales pitch. Make sure your sales pitch doesn’t sound like one. In other words, don’t look like a spammer, otherwise people will quickly unfollow you. You can use some strategies to ensure your tweets don’t look like you are there to sell them something. Don’t include an amazon link in every tweet you make. Tweet about something for a few days before you post a link to it on amazon. This builds anticipation. For example, prior to the release of a major book or a new version of a new gaming console.

#4-Always Analyse your success rate from the campaigns and promotions you made :

Be sure to create a new tracking ID that is specific for your twitter campaign, so you can easily track your sales, trends and what works and doesn’t. Amazon gives lots of tools to analyze what is working, what you do more, less of, etc. Keep experimenting until you get your perfect twitter sales methodology.

#5- Follow and watch Twitter Trends:

Twitter trends are a great way for taking the pulse of the web and what people are talking about the most at that moment. For example, as I am writing this article, one of the top trends on Twitter was ‘Syria’, given the on-going civil war in that country. Why not take advantage of that and tweet a book about Syria’s history from Amazon?

#6-Use the right hashtags:

It is important to use the right hashtags to draw more people to your tweets, in addition to your followers. For example, one of the popular book hashtags on twitter is #PopularBooks’ . While I don’t recommend using this hashtag in everyone of your tweets, you should use it when you think the book is indeed popular on Amazon or is being given some great reviews (at least 20 reviews or more)

#7- Add value to your community. Regularly offer them something unique, new, interesting, or surprising.

Everyone loves to get something for free or to hear some interesting things, facts, or peace of news. If you are a software company and have many software and if some of them have stopped selling, you could give away them to your users. In this way you not only get love from your Twitter community, but it gives a lot of new respect and reputation to your business or company as well. There are lots of free stuff that you could find on Internet and you can offer this to your followers free.

Here is an example, one of my friends who sells ebooks on eBay, started selling 2 times more by offering some free stuff and bonuses to his followers and customers.

He also used another unique idea: He started watching out for books that had been turned into movies. On the day the movie was out in the theaters, he used to tweet about it, with a link to the original book on which the movie was based. You would be shocked at how many people had no idea the movie was based on a book.

Applying these social marketing methods consistently and with some patience, will yield some great results, as it did for me. Just be sure to never annoy your audience and turn your twitter account into a ‘sales machine’ .

Over to you– Share your story of success on Twitter. Do you get enough attention/sales/leads from Twitter? What is your highest paying business strategy over Twitter? Please share your views and valuable insights.


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