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Why ValueClick Media is thought to be one of the best Paid Ad Networks/ platforms for Business advertising and content monetization for Online Publisher?

ValueClick Media is considered to be One of the Top 5 ad platforms for CPM, CPC, PPC based paid advertising options for individual Internet marketers, companies, and businesses.

If you are searching for an established and performance based online advertising company then ValueClick Media is the right choice for you. This online advertising network was initiated by one of the largest online marketing companies, ValueClick, Inc, which owns big names in the web world through its Mediaplex and Commission junction websites. If you are an advertiser from the United Kingdom, i would suggest you to read this post which is about Top 10 Best Advertising ad networks in UK


ValueClick Media Review


ValueClick Media -One of the Best Paid Networks for publishers and advertisers

The review of this advertising network provided in this write up will help you to know more about this online advertising company. Banners, leader-boards, skyscrapers along with typical pop-unders, floating ads and interstitials rich in text and media formats are some of the common types of online advertisements supported by ValueClick Media.

Several impressive brands including Ford, Coca cola and McDonald were featured by ValueClick Media due to its recognition among large online advertising corporations. As a result of these bustling advertisement inventories they have given freedom to the publishers to improve the ad campaigns run on their sites to maintain their inventories completely full every time. They also enable their publishers to redirect unsold spaces for ads automatically to other sources to get paying ads, in case their inventories are not 100% full, because they are confident to get ads in this way. Especially during festive season they also reduce CPM rates to improve their overall profitability as online purchase remain at peak at such occasions.

ValueClick Media uses the best tools used for controlling the publishers to maintain their high profile ad inventories. On the contrary if the publishers start searching and filtering the suitable or relevant ads for their websites to maximize the revenue of the advertisers the high profile ad inventories of the company experiences unexpected downfall.

In this way, publishers of ValueClick Media support the company with equal efficiency as the company uses great tools to control them. The advanced reporting system and user interface used by the company provide their publishers all the reliable tools needed to manage their ad campaigns effectively.

But even after using the industry’s best controlling tools and great tech support most of the websites of the officials of ValueClick media are seen with lots of corporate disparities which make it difficult to some useful information from them. In other words it can be said that lots of essential information needed by their publishers while choosing the mater for the ads is not available online which is noticed by most of the reviewers of online advertising companies.

The praise worthy huge ad inventory of the network and attractive CPM rates of ValueClick Media have enabled the company to get positive reviews most of the time. For this reason while including new publishers in their staff company becomes choosy, this is not expected from a company with such reputation. But since several high-profile advertisers have engaged ValueClick Media to represent them such attitude is not expected.

As the network of ValueClick Media reaches up to over 590 million visitors every month through its more than 30 million ads, they undisputedly enjoy the status of successful and large online ad network. The publishers of this company can never be out of displayable ads as they are backed by numerous high profile sponsoring advertisers and powerful corporations unless they start charging high CPM or filter their ads before displaying. ValueClick Media is polite enough to allow the advertisers to display their valuable ads from some other network instead of them, if any untoward condition happens anytime.

On the basis of these facts it can be said that ValueClick media provides a solid support to all types of publishers, small or big. In order to get more feedback about this online ad company you can read and compare the reviews of other monetizing programs. You will be convinced with the potentials of this company

Rates of Prices offered by ValueClick Media

The prices of ValueClick Media are based on Cost per Mille or CPM, Cost per click or CPC and Pay per Click or PPC. They advertise interstitials, banners, pop-under and floating ads through their network. On an average, CPM advertising rates of the company range between 0.2 and $0.5. For banners and skyscrapers they charge $ 0.5+ as eCPM and for pop-unders $3.00+ is charged as eCPM. Payment options accepted by the company include Check, direct deposits and PayPal. In order to get more information you can visit the official site of Value Click Media.

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