What are UK’s Top 10 Best Ad Networks & Paid Advertising Platforms for Businessmen in United Kingdom

Paid advertising Networks for UK : 10 best Paid online advertising options for the UK based advertisers, Internet marketers, businesses, and companies 


Business Marketing and paid online advertising has got heavily transformed into digital marketing in the UK since the last decade and now there is a lot of demand for it. Simply because almost every business is promoting themselves on the Internet now-a-days. Whether a business service is related to online webs or not, is not a matter anymore. And, now-a-days even most of the off-line businesses are taking to online marketing seriously. And, when it comes to online marketing, using Pay Per Click (PPC) based paid advertising is inevitable.

When the free Internet marketing through UK business classifieds has reached a saturation point, you should try Paid advertising websites to generate huge leads and make your brand popular online for better exposure and goal conversions.

Paid Advertising is a major part of search engine marketing and it is a sure way to get success with sales and leads for your business services quickly. Paid Search Engine Marketing is the fastest way to record a lead/ pre-sale or sale.


Paid Online Advertising Giants in the UK: 10 Best Ad Networks-Platforms for PPC/ CPM based advertisements

For many business opting to succeed in building a large client following and maximize its return from advertising, going online is inevitable. Paid advertising is also known as pay per click advertisements or sponsored advertisement and it uses the search engines to show their sponsored ads in SERP’s and publishers networks for the desired keywords and phrases.

All you want is to expose your business online and this is only achievable through siting your advertisement at a place where many users will notice it, visit it and even place orders and make purchases. It makes use of sponsored links whereby as internet users try to find information on the products your business is dealing with, your link or ad will appear on the left hand side. If he clicks and opens your site, you will be charged by the search engine for that. This type of advertisement is very common in the UK with search engines such as Google, Yahoo among others. As per the year of 2014 the following are the top 10 most reliable and best sites for paid advertising via PPC, CPM, etc.

#1. Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is a world renowned sponsored advertising site for online advertisers and it is supported by Google. The Number #1 paid ad network for Internet advertisers. Google Adwords offers lots of very sophisticated analytic tools for using PPC advertisements.  AdWords have a team of experienced specialists who provide dedicated support and advice to its existing clients and customers. They also work towards making sure that your business ads receive more visitors and clicks through search engine and keyword optimization. See: Benefits of using Google AdWords

#2. Yahoo and Bing Ads:

Yahoo is a search engine site containing information about various products in various life fields. Advertising your product through yahoo allows your ads more appearance on the sponsored search and internet users can assess them through simply feeding the general keyword. It also sources for sites visitors in bigger sites that receive more visitors like CNN. See : Yahoo and Bing Ads

#3. Clicksor.com:

Clicksor is also an extensively used paid advertising site. It receives more than 320 million internet users in a month. It also serves more than 10000 business sites. Their advertisements rates are quite friendly and thy give a guarantee of real clicks to avoid fraud. See: Clicksor for Contextual online advertising for UK

#4. Pulse 360:

Pulse 360- The former Kanoodle.com is currently a close competitor to Google and Yahoo due to high visits it receives. It is not specified to a certain search engines hence can enlist your ad on several. Their internet team helps users to build competitive keywords with no extra charges involved. See : Pulse 360 paid advertising for CPM and CPC based models

#5. Burst Media:

BurstMedia is a very popular advertising network for the United Kingdom region and has got top publishers in its network. It has transformed to be one of the highest selling paid advertising sites due to their flexibility and capability to handle various business advertising specifications. Business accounts are professionally managed and completely safe and operate full time.  See: Create a brand for your business online

#6. Advertising.com:


Advertising.com is also a favorable advertising site for both small and large businesses. It is cost efficient and that specifically deals with keywords relevance and precision and not clicks. This means if the user search a keyword and your business ad comes first then you don’t have to pay for that. See: Advertising.com for paid advertising through every models.

#7. Epom.com :

Epom offers every kind of ad formats, including pay per click, CPM, CPA, etc. Their business advertising system is friendly and genuine and drive visitors from some of it many partners, such as info space network among others. See: Epom for every kind of paid advertising

#8. Propeller Ads Media:


Propeller Ads Media network site is based on CPM, CPA, and CPL; and it has partnered with various affiliates to increase their visitors clicks. They build an active and quality organic traffic that guarantees advertisers more visits on their advertising sites. Its affiliates include forbes.com. See : CPM, CPA, & CPL based paid ads by Propeller 

#9. Epilot.com:

Epilot has a strong foundations of active traffic and receives searches from more than 200 million visitors in a months. Currently, it is trying to make affiliates in the UK so as to increase the active clicks for their business advertisers. See : Pay per Click based paid advertising options by Epilot.

#10. Amazon.com:


In 2013, Amazon was ranked top seen and visited advertising sites on Google in the UK. It has one of the highest number of organic searches and has been doing quite well as far as sponsored advertisement is concerned. See: Make your products hit with Amazon advertising 

PPC can be very effective as far as products advertising and business marketing is concerned. As a business owner or manager therefore you need to carry out thorough research. You may receive so much clicks but fail to actualize even a single sale.

Search engine optimization techniques will boost your keyword relevance and your appearance on the sponsored search results. You can modify your business advertising site to enable you keep direct contact with your customer. This is through strategies such as sign in, email marketing among others. The aim of advertising is to make sales and that can only be achieved through converting the clicks and the visitors into a buying customer and working towards retaining them. So, you must check what kind of advertising techniques are vital to your business.

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    all platforms are very popular..now-a-days even most of the off-line businesses are taking to online marketing. And, when it comes to online marketing, using Pay Per Click (PPC) paid advertising is inevitable…

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    For both small and large businesses This type of advertisement is very common in the UK..Their advertisements rates are quite friendly and thy give a guarantee of real clicks to avoid fraud.

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