10 Great Ways to Promote a New Business Website Online Quickly

A Website promotion Guide for Beginners- 10 Methods for Promoting a newly launched Website 


In this era of globalization, having a website is no longer the problem. The real problem is promoting this website in a bid to ensure that it goes viral. If your business depends on the website then promoting it becomes more of a necessity.

If you are new to the online world, then your first priority must be to learning basic things about how to run a website successfully.  Though, in this small guide we can’t tell you everything about what to do in order to rank your newly launched website well in the major search engines.

There are several tools that can be used to promote new business websites online. Here is a sneak peak of a few of them.




Follow the 10 simple steps to promote a new website for your business


Follow the 10 steps simple guide for promoting your newly launched website for business


 0#. Keep Learning

According to my own experience, yes, this is the most important point to remember to follow: Keep learning consistently about all the necessary things for running and promoting a website successfully online.

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#1. Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine optimization is very essential in promoting a website. This is because most people search for websites on the search engines.

Search Engine optimization allows websites to rank highly on the search engine result pages. This makes sure that a website is highly visible to anyone looking for it on the internet.

There are several on page and off page search engine optimization tools that can make a website highly optimized.


#2. Blogs


Blogs have gained popularity in the recent times due to their ability to boost the visibility of websites and promote sales.

Most websites have an inbuilt blog that explains the various features of the website as well as providing the tips and secrets of successful business engagement in the site. ( like, here, we have an online advertising blog at Adsolist.com)


#3. Press Releases


Both free and paid press releases Websites are essential in website promotion and advertising. A press release provides information that is newsworthy to those who need it.

This keeps the populace updated on the new business practices and products offered by the business. The press releases should have strong and relevant links to the main website for efficiency. Learn Press release writing


#4. Proper mix of Google, Bing and Yahoo tools


Google is the world’s most used search engine. It is also the website with the largest organic traffic in the world. It has several website promotion tools like Google analytics tool, Webmaster tool and the Google site map, to name but a few.

Visit Google Webmaster tools

Bing also has webmaster tools for webmasters where they could submit their website free and add as many urls as they want. There are separate SEO tools in Bing Webmaster. Start using Bing webmaster tools here.


However, there are several aspects in which Yahoo outperforms Google, and a proper mix of these aspects is desirable for efficient website promotion.

Here are some of these aspects :-

  • Personal Finance
  • Answers to Questions
  • Website Back-link Info
  • Image hosting and sharing
  • Local search
  • Entertainment portal
  • Privacy policy


#5. Social networking and bookmarking


With 1/3 of the world population being on one or more social networks, linking your website with a social network page is the way to promote it. Learn why you should use social media to promote your business

Social Bookmarking is also another way of sharing your website and its content with the world. It lets visitors to your website, who like its content, share your content with their online friends.

It lets them create “bookmarks” to your website and content, through the big social bookmarking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter. Others are digg, del.icio.us and Spurl.


#6. Google Ads and Banner Ads


Google allows website owners to promote their websites using their advert placement service which is renownedly known as AdWords among advertisers.

AdWords service makes it easy for websites to place advertisements that will attract the attention of the onlookers. Clicking on these adverts redirects the visitor to the official website. Learn about the benefits of using Google AdWords.

Alternatively, other forms of advertising such as Pay Per Click can also be used to spice up the marketing task.


#7. eBooks and PDF files for online reading


EBooks are important in promoting a business website online. They can be offered as part of freebies on the website or sold on various online bookstores.

PDF files also aid the understanding of the salient features of the website or the business in general, thus promoting the website and the business and enhancing return on investment.


#8. Newsletters


You can have the visitors to your site to sign for your monthly or weekly newsletter.

A newsletter is used to disseminate information about the business or the website to the public.

It helps in promoting the website through getting referral visitors from those who are already subscribed to the newsletter.

This bolsters the visibility of the website and enhances return on investment for the business.


#9. Online journals and newspapers


Networking with journalists online also helps in promoting a website. This is because through this interaction, a website may have its information posted on the online magazine or journal for all the readers to see.

Having links to the main website on the content is a feather to the hat.


#10. Backlinks


Links form a greater part of search engine optimization. Precisely, Google ranking is mostly about how many quality backlinks are pointing to your web pages.

People click on links to visit your website and Search Engines follow them to discover your website and to learn where to list it in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s) .

Links are what makes the Internet tick and every site needs them.


Links are the foundation of the Internet. They’re important for several reasons:


  • People will click on them and discover your site.
  • Search Engines follow them to discover your website and to find out what it’s about.
  • Search Engines consider the number as well as the quality of links to your web-pages to be an good indicator of your pages’ importance.
  • Search Engines also consider the link text (the words you click on) to be important in determining what your website’s about and thus in determining for which search results your site will appear.


#11. Auto responder


An auto-responder is an email marketing program that allows you to automatically send emails to your list right after they signed up to your mailing list, or after they downloaded a product of yours for example.

This promotes your website more than sending one-off promotional emails because it creates a strong relationship with a myriad of prospective buyers within a short period of time.

You can set up an auto responder program using AWeber, for instance.


In summary, a new business website can easily be promoted using the afore-mentioned tools. These tools play a crucial role in generating traffic to the site and promoting sales

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