Google Adwords -what are 10 common benefits for advertisers using AdWords for PPC?

How and why Google Adwords is far better PPC marketing option than other means of online paid advertising?



It is obvious that a lot of business owners or marketers out there have much of AdWords, though are not quite informed if and how the SEO and advertising techniques can work well for them. Fortunately, the Google’s advertising system that is greatly successful in pay-per-click (PPC), does work perfectly well with all forms of businesses. Adwords not only provides you a quick tool to gain traffic but also improves the online visibility of your product or brand as per the size of your ad campaigns. You can very well rank your website or brand image in Google SERPs for intended key words & key phrases using its customized tools.

Though, you have to spend a good amount, but Google Adwords is the easiest way to rank your keywords higher in Google top 10 search listing pages in the least time.

It is not just a matter of using AdWords but also giving time and proper spending of money since it can surpass expectation. If you cast doubts about worthwhile of the AdWords, then the following are 10 reasons why advertisers should begin using this PPC paying advertising system to realize its effectiveness to your business:

#1. This is because your rivals are making it great with AdWords

It is wise to avoid negative peer pressure, but with search engine marketing (SEM) it is advisable to use paid advertising to grab your market share by being visible on the places where your competitors are already getting good success in generating business leads and sales. If they can do it, so can you.

You can make a calculated research on how your real competitors are getting leads through paid advertising and you can also invest according to your budget in order to chase your rivals. And you can also make those bumper sales on special occasions if you are well informed about the role and scope of PPC paid advertising using Google Adwords keyword analysis tool.  Studies have revealed that there is an impressive revenue that is driven by paid search during Black Friday. In most cases, your competitors are likely using it and therefore it would be penalizing to ignore marketing your business as per the demand.

#2. It is Scalable

Google AdWords is very scalable. It is usually challenging for every marketer when it comes to searching for a lead sources that posts desirable feedbacks without necessarily demanding for the same input leads. This is why a lot of vibrant businesses and advertisers are willing to spend millions of dollars annually so that to increase their PPC budget, leads and most importantly, to elevate the profits levels accordingly. Google AdWords is best for businesses that are short on heads and time and require enormous leads.

#3. Flexibility

This form of search engine marketing (SEM) is flexible as it provides numerous options that you can use to customize your advertisements together with your campaigns to meet particular targets. Here keyword match types can be specified, product images can be displayed by using ad extension etc. AdWords gives you full flexibility to adjust and design your campaigns as per : time, money, space, networks, place, geo location, key words, language, users age, devices (specifically advertise to users who use Internet on mobile/ notebook, or desktop) .

You can place automated or manual bids and adjust your budget to get your webpages listed in the Google top 10 listing page for desired keywords. Your ads will be shown as ‘sponsored’ listings in the Google SERPs. You have option to show your ads on Google networks ( they are the publishers who are using Google AdSense to display paid advertisements bu Google AdWords and your ads show there)

#4. Google AdWords is measurable

Unlike the old marketing channels such as magazine and TV advertising, e-marketing is very measurable, and AdWords is one of the easily measurable online channels. This is because you can determine whether your leads are materializing or not. And you can keep trace of the places where your ads are apearing. Therefore, you can manage and adjust your ad listing according their performances on various places and channels. By doing so you get full control over the optimization of your ads and pay only for those ads which are performing as per your expectations and remove the ads that are not getting you good results.  Google Adwords offer great customization and optimization power to their advertisers.

#5. Adwords : Safer and more Reliable than SEO

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your website has to go through a long period before earning the links and authority. However, Google AdWords work around nicely with other businesses increasing sales and leads since it is speedy and cheap to commence with when compared to SEO and the latter could be very complicating and confusing for some. SEO could be harmful and can do more harm than any good and one of the major disadvantages of using SEO techniques is that it could kill the reputation of your brand if done wrongly/overly/excessively, while there is no such threat using AdWords. We see a lot of websites (all types -bigger or smaller) getting penalized every time when a new update comes out from Google anti spam system (Panda/Penguin). There is no such punishment ( or rarely) for the sites using only paid advertising chances. Except, in case you breach the policies of Adwords, which is very unlikely if you follow their simple rules and guidelines.

#6. It is a complement to other Online Marketing Channels

Sales are raised when you use Google AdWords in complementing other forms of e-marketing like content marketing, and social media marketing (SMM) . In fact, AdWords is essential in remarketing your online business in order to target the individuals who have interest in your business. Some paid advertising experts also believe that if your are using Google Adwords for your website, it may be beneficial in ranking your site quickly well in organic search results for the keywords you are not using PPC for through Adwords. Though, i don’t have any personal experience with the above mentioned fact, but i do believe that using Google Adwords makes your website more visible on other search engines and it gets indexed very well by Google and other similar search engine channels.

#7. Simpler and more secure than SEO

Once AdWords is established, maintaining it turns out to need less effort and attention than the SEO efforts. It gives relief because you can rely on this PPC paid advertising and it can deliver leads without much strenuous work. While SEO could be complex and impose certain threats too. Not all SEO techniques are good, and sometimes you don’t have full hold over how the SEO might turn out in the end.

If you are going after SEO way, you need to hire SEO services from a very professional, reputed, and genuine company. And, most of the SEO consultants and companies use black hat techniques to gain quick success for their clients that could be very bad for a long run. They might place links of your web pages on sites that are looked upon very badly by major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. End result : your site will be damaged in terms of reputation and reliability and it will not be well indexed by search as it should be.

#8. AdWords is overshadowing SERPs

Over time the SERP has been changing so that to adapt with the changing marketing techniques. This can be annoying to a lot of SERP users, but engaging in PPC could be a great idea to adjust your keywords postions in Google SERPs. This is because Google AdWords is doing well in terms of marketing and puts a lot of value in their paid advertisers. Using PPC techniques along with ranking through organic keyword traffic is the best way to get out maximum out of online web traffic. For the keywords that are tough to rank higher organically in SERPs , you can use Adwords PPC strategy and rule the web traffic.

#9. AdWords Formats are more engaging

With various new advertisement formats from Google, like You Tube ads, Gmail ads, product listing is proving to be more engaging to have more clicks to turn more sales to your business and also more revenue to Google itself. Google Adwords team is constantly engaged in developing more efficient and effective tools for their advertising partners. And, i would like to mention here that Google has got great techniques to detect ‘fraud clicks’ to prevent their advertisers from any money loss and they have made  separate large teams of experts to handle only the fraud clicks on their ad networks of publishers (which is mainly through Google AdSense )

#10. Has better traffic conversion than organic traffic

Evidence reveals that the both online marketing approaches have great conversion rate but for the AdWords it is twice higher than the organic traffic. This is because with Google AdWords you are more likely to commercialize your ad apperances than just being informational. Organic traffic may go down due to a sudden rise of the similar webmasters who are competing for the same key words. There could be many factors and parameters that may effect SERPs for a certain web page that gets only organic traffic While paid traffic through Adwords PPC advertising may get effected probably only through one or two parameters, the first being the average prices for a certain keyword.

So, you can always stay on the top of it by investing more money and optimizing your ads in a better way. Though, the latter also depends on many factors. We will discuss that some day in some post.

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