How to Promote your Business with these 50 Free Press Release Websites

Online Business Promotion and Press Release Websites. 10 Tips for writing effective PR. List of 50 Good PR Websites


A Press Release (PR) is one of the best online content promotion tools which could be submitted for a new business or service opening or at the launch of a new company. You can/should publish a press release if you have started a new website. Publishing a PR is a great opportunity to highlight and showcase your business in front of the people and web networkers where it can get a good launch or starting on the Internet web. There are various ways and platforms to announce a new business or company opening, like Radio, TV, Newspaper (the traditional ways) and the Internet web world (the Modern or digital platform). Apart from publishing a desired announcement, PR sites provide free online advertising for a business 


Promoting a newly Launched Business, Company, or Service over the Internet: 50 Free Press-Release websites

So, PR Websites act as web networks to promote a business on the Internet in the same way as there are different channels for a Television media.


Therefore, a PR basically is meant for two types of occasions-

  1. At an Actual Business Announcement (announcement of a company opening, new business events, etc)
  2. At the launching of a new website 


When announcing an event, a campaign (in the larger sense), addressing a specific issue or the launch of a new venture, a public press conference should provide a written release. The audience includes not just journalists, but other interested parties (“stakeholders”) and the general public.



An effective press release should provide information of a type, and in a form, which can be easily accessed and used as the basis for further public awareness, discussion and investigation.


Tips for writing a new Business or Website Press Release :

[Writing a Successful Business Press Release]

Press release is a different type of writing and it must contain some mandatory content and should be written in a particular style and format. Most of the good press release websites don’t accept each and any PR submission. So, take the following notes to make your submission acceptable by every reputed PR site.


To be effective, a press release must contain the following elements:


1.  A title that reflects the purpose of the announcement

2.  Name, title and brief (non-contact) information for the principal making the announcement

3   Date and place of the announcement

4.  If the announcement is made before general release, the date and time at which the attendees can make the information publicly known

5.  The text of the announcement, either in the form of a transcript of the prepared speech and/or bullet points covering the basic elements of the announcement

6.  Background information, usually in the form of references to other documents or sources of information

7.  Contact information for further information (usually not the principal)

8.  The text should be clear, simple and unambiguous. It will be used, in most cases, as the initial primary source for reporting and public perception of the announcement and the principal making the announcement.

9.  It is imperative that the press release be focused on the information being released and that it accurately reflects the intended announcement. The authors of the release should work closely with the principal and backing organization to ensure that it covers all of the information that is being released, but that extraneous information is not included.

10. The release should be brief enough to encourage its use as a reference source by the press, stakeholders and the general public.


Submit or Publish your PR on these 50 Almost FREE and Best Press Release Websites


Get here a list of around 60 Best of the PR websites. The website portals listed here have High Google Page Rank (Most of them are between PR8-PR3 and none is below PR1). We have given only the links to the home page of the sites.


You should look out for a submission option in a web. Around 70% of the below mentioned sites are standard Press Releases and 20-30% are popular content submission and publication platforms that accept articles instantly/automatically without any modification required (Storify, Scoopt.It, Bubblews, Medium, etc are the examples of such webs).


  2. Pressreleaser org
  3. Wesrch
  4. Pressitt
  5. Sbwire
  6. Pressabout
  7. PR-Canada
  8. BusinessPress24
  9. Firm enpresse
  10. MyPR Genie
  11. PR-USA
  12. Newsvine
  13. Pressbox
  14. Apsense
  16. PRbuzz
  17. Release-News
  19. PR-gb
  20. Bubblews
  21. proskore
  23. Storify Web
  24. BriefingWire
  25. Scoop.It
  28. Openbroadcast
  29. Free press release
  30. Freenews pos
  31. Free Press Release Submit


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