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Basic Thoughts and ideas for Starting a new Business-  Things to consider for start ups

As per a research, more than 80-90% of new businesses get shut down in the first 18 months after their opening. Is the success rate dependent on the size of a business?  Why most of the new businesses fail to survive? What mistakes people make when they start a new business? Lets explore the highly discussed topic. Your inputs are valuable, so please share your own ideas and thoughts about it.

In this article we are not going to discuss the technicalities of starting a business but would rather talk about the mind behind the business to be started.

Well, if you have the right mind with a burning desire to succeed and a passionate attitude towards the work you decide to do, you stand a very good chance to make it big in the business world. BUT, to turn a business into real success you need lot more and everything related in the way of running your business is equally important and you have to pay attention on every aspect of a business. A business is like a home where every building element should be attended with wisdom, love, care, and passion. If you have all this what it takes, then you can beat any business competition and make a name for yourself!

Maybe you would think that for starting a business you need to choose one that proves to be the most profitable, but there is more to it.


How to Choose the Business that Suits YOU Best

For instance, have you factored in as well your talent, your personality and your skills? Without these features, I truly don’t know how long you will be able to hold on in that particular business; or probably your only goal is to make good profits regardless of other factors and in the meanwhile you will get to like that business seeing how much money it brings you.

Yes, to some people who have no passions and talents, earning money with a business can be their only skills. But this article is not for them since they have probably already figured it all out. This article is for those people who are looking to start up a business but still don’t know how to assess their skills that can give them a good start with the enterprise.

Well, here it is what you can do in order to evaluate your potency and skills into getting in a business that suits you the best:

* Take your time and look around and go deeper into your own persona to see what your interest is. Check with the things (at least five of the most of them) that are in your surroundings and maybe you will get an idea on what to start up with.

* Pay attention to your activity that you normally do and also write down in a journal how each and every day goes by and what you do on regular basis. Don’t forget details that include things you have done with pleasure and satisfaction.

This can help you start a business that suits you the best because you can be certain that you like and are good at it. Maybe one day you have been asked to take care of your neighbor’s kids and realize as such that you have good communication skills with kids and open as such a day care center once you have the education and qualification for this. Examples are many in this regard.

* Speaking of education, it is also something that you wouldn’t want to overlook. Also your working experience can be a good start into starting a business that fits you the best.

* Consult your friends and family about a business to start up and what can be more suitable to you. Yes, I know, there is nobody’s business to control your life and dictate you what to do. But hey, listen: people you often come in contact with can see you from a perspective that you may miss out on and as such they can advise you the best in this regard.

Have you ever had started a business? Were you a success? Are you going to start a new business? Please share your valuable ideas and insights around these questions. Thanks!

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