Internet Marketers- What these 8 Mistakes not to make while applying for a Marketing Job?


Eight Worst Online Portfolio Mistakes in the Marketing Industry


Many people want high-paying jobs as marketers in Top marketing companies and the competition can be intense among job seekers. Internet marketing industry is basically seen as a place for smart and highly ambitious persons. The marketing job could possibly be very demanding and challenging at the same time.


You have to posses some strong inter-personal qualities and skills which should also reflect in your personality (apart from your portfolio). But, we will focus here mainly on your portfolio that makes you look a promising candidate for the job. And, we won’t talk about the technicalities of your portfolio.


8 common Portfolio Mistakes made by Internet Marketers while apply for a Job in Marketing Industry


We will highlight here some commonly made mistakes found in your overall approach towards your perception of the marketing industry or to the position you are applying for.

However, there could be any number of common portfolio mistakes that can ruin your chances from becoming a suitable choice for the post.

But, we will only talk about the 8 common traits that deny you from being an apt form for the marketing job, and how you can recover from these faults. 

#1. You use legacy email services:

Marketers shouldn’t live in the past. They need to see far into the future. Unless we are applying a job as archaeologist or historian in 1998, we should migrate from AOL or Hotmail to Gmail. Many professionals have their own domain name, which can be associated with the email address. This shows the recruiter that we know a bit about latest web technology. After all, email marketing is a very prominent segment for marketers


#2. Our name can’t be found on Google result:

We don’t have to as popular as Michael Jackson; but recruiters should be able to find references to our name with relative ease. If you have already completed some marketing assignments then you should provide links to your past press releases, blog articles, or item offerings on various B2B websites.


#3. Your last tweet is from 2010:

We can’t claim that we are a marketer guru if we haven’t sent any tweet in the last few years. It won’t be necessary to have one million followers, but we should participate in relevant conversations on a regular basis. A month-long lapse is generally unacceptable and a few tweets each week is usually enough. It’s better to use one social media well than having many accounts that we don’t use effectively. Learn here how to use Twitter for Business


#4. Improper Facebook profile photo:

Many people use pictures of themselves while doing keg stands. There’s literally no excuse in using these kinds of pictures for our Facebook profile. Bikini and shirtless photographs also have no place in any social media work. LinkedIn, in particular, is a professional social media network by definition. So, it’s fair for recruiters to expect our photo in LinkedIn to be professional-looking. We should look straight to the camera with professionally pleasant expression and show our entire face. Tips for Facebook Page based social media marketing


#5. There’s only phone number:

Marketing isn’t only about simplicity, it’s also about effectiveness and measures. Our online resume should include quantifiable metric that shows our accomplishments and expertise. Be open to show that you are an efficient marketer and you know about every commonly used latest technologies in marketing and the popular means of communication in today’s era.   


#6. We write exclusively in business Jargons:

Marketers should limit business babble and able to communicate with clients concisely and clearly. No average consumer would be interested in how we can “leverage internal resources meaningfully to impact the directional strategy of the organization”. In the marketing world, professionals use simple words to get their messages across.


#7. We rarely write:

Our writing sample shouldn’t look like college term papers, but we should keep our blog current. Although we should be able to show work samples that our college professors would approve, they must be easily understood. Every professional marketer does some kind of content creation, so we should be committed to producing and publishing content often.


#8. We apply for too many positions:

Being eager to join a business organization is commendable, being completely desperate is not. Resume should be tailored to our job and it’s a good idea to invest some time to learn how to craft effective cover letters. If we let recruiters know that we apply dozens of jobs, we could inform that we are less focused to their companies.
Job hunting in the marketing field is hard enough, but it doesn’t have to be harder than it should. We should give ourselves a favor by giving companies good reasons to hire us before they interview us. The marketing world constantly changes and we should adapt our job hunting strategy accordingly.

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