10 most common reasons why advertisers should use Yahoo Bing ads over Google Adwords?


Check it – If do you belong to the group of advertisers for them Bing Yahoo ads could offer much better paid advertising options than Google AdWords?




Internet is considered to be the most important marketing and advertising platform in the present scenario. Google for long has maintained the monopoly by holding the most gigantic position in the world of ad campaigning projects. The main problem of continuing with the Adwords ad campaign account over the past few years is the increase in the number of online advertisers piling up ads on the browser search results. Of late the MSN operated Bing Yahoo Ads or simply the Bing Ads emerged as the most promising paid or PPC ad network for the ad campaigners. Here are some of the most vital reasons why most advertisers prefer Bing over Google as an advertising platform.

Benefits of Bing Ads over Google Adwords as Marketing Base

Sometimes the best may not be best for you! It is a well known fact hat Google Adwords is an established and reputed advertising system for Internet marketers and companies, but there are some other renowned advertisers as well that could be more beneficial for you than AdWords, depending upon your marketing budget and nature of the business. I have mentioned here some good points about such an advertiser that comes next to Google AdWords in terms of the main features plus, it is cheaper than that. Yes, we are talking about Bing Ads which is mainly owned by the very reputed Internet company MSN itself!

#1. Affordable Pay per Click Rates


The MSN offers lower rates for the pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns than applicable Google Adwords charges. This initiative is directed to welcoming low cost advertising from the small and new businesses. You can see from the report chart ( Coutsey: AdGooroo) that Google Adwords average cost for an ad click is almost double of the Bing and for the ‘Computer and Internet’ category it’s 2.5 times costlier than Bing ads. So, it’s a clear indication for low-budget advertisers that Bing Ads would offer 1-2 times more clicks than AdWords. More clicks means more leads/sales.


#2. Better Visibility on the SERPs

Google Adwords is relatively popular among the advertisers hence there is much competition for every niche and category of product or services. Bing on the other hand lacks the presence of ample number of advertisers. Bing is the second largest search engine or browsing platform next to Google and has significant number of users that is growing with the even faster accessibility of the internet explorer. Hence the advertisers can expect better visibility for their ads.

Bing Ads are backed up by MSN, Yahoo, and Bing. The latter is the second largest search engine after Google for English speaking countries. also Yahoo and Bing networks provide more than 165 million unique searches  in the US alone. 


#3. Google Adwords Policies Pose Strict Advertising Restrictions

Google poses very strict policies on the advertisers limiting them from using an unacceptable and restricted list of products in their ads. Violation of any of the rules can result in cancellation of the paid advertising account with immediate effect. The Bing regulations are relatively easy to follow that is convenient for bringing into practice from the advertisers’ end. The advertisers can post varieties of ads on different type of websites which is not possible with Google.


#4. Understanding the Performance Report using Quality Score

The Bing Ads offer an elaborate quality score data that the users can employ to find out various reports. It is very easy to create a quality score card report with Bing that provides the scope viewing elaborate reports on the performance of the account of the advertisers. They offer analytical reports that allow room for making necessary changes to get better results. You can expect the reporting tools almost as good as from AdWords.


#5. Dealing with the Negative Keywords


Working with negative keywords in an ad campaign can be a big problem for the advertisers. Google has very strict norms for visibility of such sites especially during the later stages of the campaign where the site may get low ranks and less visibility. Bing offers the campaigners a report on the negative keyword issues that they can use to make the necessary corrections.


#6. Flexibility of Ad Group Level Settings

Bing Ads allow the advertisers to modify the settings of the ad rotation features based on several factors such as geographical limits; specific hours during which you want to keep the ad etc. This allows the advertisers to create a different set of ads that they can publish at different points of the day within a single campaign.


#7. Bing Ads for Online Gambling Customers

The Bing ads will soon be visible on websites such as betting, gambling, card games, casino games, and online lottery etc. by increasing scope for better customer responses. From Bing Yahoo Ads you can expect the wide range of websites that are allowed to advertise on their network while AdWords is very strict towards the type of website you want to advertise for.  


#8. Facebook Partnership with Bing Bing-ads-via-Facebook-253x199

Bing ads will appear in the Facebook search results on the left hand side of the page. This will provide greater scope for the advertisers to reach out to the wider spectrum of online audience. A collabration of Bing with Facebook would prove to be a great opportunity for advertisers and marketers as they could reach wider range of online users. This adds the extra shine to the Bing Ads which is not possible Google Adwords.


#9. Compatibility to the Various Operating Systems

Bing Ads are the advertising platform of Microsoft hence all major operating systems are compatible for viewing this browser which is not possible for Google. It is convenient for Xbox, Windows, windows based phones etc.


#10. Option to Transfer the existing Google Adwords Advertising on Bing-

Bing facilitates the advertisers to migrate from Google to their ad campaigning platform with easy to follow procedure. For those advertisers who can’t afford to get away from AdWords completly there is a good option that they can use AdWords and Bing ads combindly to get the best of both worlds!

** One of the biggest reasons to choose Bing Ads –

You can rank your keywords higher more easily and quicky on the following search engines – Yahoo, Bing, and MSN at the same time (though, now, both MSN and Yahoo show their search results from Bing search engines). Since compared to Google there is less competition on Bing, so it is much easier to get your desired keywords in the top 10 ‘sponsored’ listing pages of Bing/Yahoo/msn than in Google’s sponsored listings.

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