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 A Paid Platform for all your Content Writing needs 


Freelancing has hit the ground running especially at these modern times when computers no longer make us feel like old Jurassic fossils. There are several freelancing websites that offer paid content writing services, but iWriter is the king of all of them, if quality of content and value for money is anything to go by. Now-a-days several established publishers get their blog articles written from such content creation platforms to enhance content monetization on their blog or website 

The website is a great place for anyone who needs professionally written articles or website/blog content on a regular basis. There is a great demand in the market for content writers and the website fulfills the needs easily without being too hard on your budget.

If you are running a small business (or have a professional blog or website) or have a web based online business/service where content writing related assignments are common but, hiring full time content writers seems impractical for you then iWriter website would prove a great relief for you. Just register and add some money (via PayPal) to your account and post writing projects on it in a very simple manner. Getting your content written at iWriter is as simple as that!


iWriter.com- a Platform to have Good Quality Content Written in the lowest Prices Possible!


Here is a sneak peak of the practical details of the iwriter website:- 

→ First things first. Iwriter.com is a freelancing website that was founded in the year 2011. Since its inception, iwriter has grown in leaps and bounds to become the fastest and easiest way to get content or to earn a living from writing content for websites.

→ The number of writers on iwriter has continued to increase by the minute, and today, iwriter boasts of about 249267 writers who have written about 2853405 articles.

→ It is important to note that these statistics change constantly as new article writers and requesters join iwriter every other minute. Perhaps the content quality and the ease with which one can become a freelancer, article requester or affiliate with iwriter is the reason behind the continued growth of this website.

→ Indeed, membership to iwriter is always just a click of the mouse away, and there are tutorial videos to ensure that you do not get bogged down in the membership process.


10 most important tips on How to get quality content from iwriter platfrom


Though joining iwriter and posting projects is a walk in the park, having quality content written for you is not as easy. First, you have to understand the platform properly and know how the system works.

→Here are 10 most important tips on getting high quality content from iwriter :-


1. Select the best days to post projects on iwriter


We all hate Mondays for one reason or the other, but truth be told, Mondays are the best working days. Precisely, Mondays are the best days to post projects on iwriter and have content written for you. This is because at this time, there is no long queue of article requests, and freelancers’ minds are fresh from the weekend.


2. Post article projects on various days depending on their themes


Though Mondays are good days to have content written, other types of articles are better done on other days. For instance, an article on romance will be done well if it is done on a Friday.

On the whole, the other days of the week are also good, especially for the type of projects that are relevant to those days. For instance, you can post projects about weight loss, beauty and fashion over the weekend and a project on finance on Monday.


3. Be clear on your instructions


You can make use of the tutorials on how to request for articles properly on the iwriter website to have more insights on this point. If you are to have high quality content written for you, then the writers must be able to know exactly what you want from the project.

On the same note, make sure that you do not misspell key words. In fact, all your instructions should be in the correct spellings and grammar. If you realize that you have made a spelling error, post a new project with the corrected spellings.


4. Make use of the special instructions option


You may need to make use of the “special instructions” feature to shed more light to your instructions. This feature is important especially in a case where you feel like the writer may not completely understand your instructions in terms of the wording and the tone of voice required.


5. Add writers to your favorite list


This is an important feature to take advantage of especially for those who would like to have large volumes of content. This is because once you get used to the writing style of the writers on your favorite list, then you can submit projects for them in the future as special requests.

This means that your project is not done by anybody on the site, who may be a spam writer or a different-style writer.


6. Communicate with your favorite writers frequently


It is worth noting that working with favorite writers makes content writing easy, since you can communicate with your writers and make special additions on your instructions or customize the projects to satisfy your demands.

Once you have the content of your choice, you can then make use of the link-building feature on iwriter for more content-related benefits.


7. Make use of the re-write article feature


If you are not satisfied with the content that a specific writer has submitted, it is always advisable to have the project redone than just reject it. Man is to error, and it is normal for a freelancer to misunderstand your instructions.

In this light, you should feel comfortable to highlight the areas that need to be redone and send the article to the writer to have those corrections made. This feature is also an important substitute of article spinning.


8. learn how to how to get value for your money at iwriter


It is very cheap to have content written on iwriter. Indeed, you can have an article written for as low as $ 1.5.

However, the tradeoff between quality of the content on iwriter and the value for money can be understood from four levels:-

  1. Standard,
  2. Premium,
  3. Elite and
  4. Elite plus levels.

Having content written by a standard writer is cheap, but quality is not guaranteed. This is because standard writers have a rating of below 4.1, meaning that they have not offered high quality content in the past, or at least, they have not be rated highly by the previous requesters.



Premium writers on the other hand have a rating of more than 4.1 in at least 25 reviews, while elite writers have a rating of at least 4.6 in at least 30 reviews.



Elite plus writers are the highest rated writers, and most of them feature on the list of the most prolific and most highly rated writers.


Having content written by an elite plus writer is obviously more expensive than on the elite and the other lower levels and rightly so. I believe a rating of at least 4.85 stars in at least 40 reviews is something to reckon with.


9. Check on the iwriter blog frequently


The iwriter blog is the source of the new products, product addictions and amendments that are geared towards accentuating the requesters’ and freelancers’ experience on iwriter. You need to keep checking it out to ensure that you are up to date with the latest promotions and product releases.


10. Whenever in doubt, contact the iwriter team


The importance of elaborate customer care in freelancing cannot be overemphasized. In this regard, iwriter does not disappoint in every aspect of the word. Once you submit a query on anything that you are no sure about, a customer representative always replies to your query within 24 hours.

In a nutshell, getting high quality content on iwriter is easy. You only need to make use of the afore-mentioned tips and contact the iwriter team whenever in doubt. You also need to check on their iwriter blog for all the new events, products and additions.

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