Business Content Marketing- Five Mistakes in Content Creation That Discourage Online Product Sales

Online Content marketing and products selling – what are the 5 things concerning content creation may lead to poor online sales

The 5 responsible factors in content marketing that may effect a business’s overall sales performance  

Many businesses are unable to connect content creation activity with increased sales. Content marketing does work, but it doesn’t seem to work for many online sellers. Surveys reported that content is still an important driver in the buying decisions among consumers. In this case, businesses should watch for these mistakes that could cause their content to have less impact. Content marketing is very new and powerful compared to the other advertising means available online for selling products to the Internet based global users. 


Content Creation and its Effect on Business Sales

This article specially targets the content creation strategy that is created by the business blogs or websites that focus and depend solely on their products sale process. This also includes inbound content marketing blogs and newsletters written by the online expert bloggers who are either Internet marketers or small business service providers.

#1. It targets the wrong audience:

Online buying process can be complex and many businesses fail to target their customers properly due to the lack in powerful content marketing strategies. For this simple reason, it could be necessary to analysis real time data, perform online surveys to ensure that we are targeting the right group of customers. Before making your content live you should always think about who will be the end users for your products and will the present content be successful in alluring/attracting the concerned user base.


#2. Messages are too complicated:


It’s often because we focus on our products instead of potential consumers. Marketers may tend to work hard on explaining their products, instead of providing solutions through their products. In reality, potential buyers don’t really care about our products; they only want their problems solved effectively. Many of them also have less time to read and consume content. Because many consumers are using mobile devices to obtain relevant content, it would be necessary to favor simpler, shorter content formats.


#3. It doesn’t provide anything new:


Content that provides bland, commonly-known information won’t get attention. This makes our content fail to stand out and it could blend too easily into the background. Alternatively, we should include fresh insight, unique business models and new research into our content. Interesting content may get the most attention and it could better compete with the competition. Innovation and re-innovation has been one of the keys of the successful businesses for all the time since the existence of the humanity.


#4. It tries to finalize buying decision too soon:


There would be a perfect time to discuss more about our products and payment details, but if we hit prospects too soon with this information, it would be a huge turnoff. It is important to map our buyer’s buying decision and choose the best content format for each stage. The customer would have an impression that you are only interested in selling your products and don’t have much interest in what is good and right for your customer. Instead, Try to avoid making such a bad impression and turn the situation into a positive mark on your customer by offering him/her various options based on their choice and budget. It will make a long lasting impression on any customer that your care about them!

#5. We don’t measure impacts:


Many businesses don’t measure the actual impact of their content creation activity with sales. This would prevent them from having mature content marketing methods. In fact, many content marketers don’t measure impacts beyond pageviews. Consequently, it would be difficult to quantify a link between content and conversions. This is particularly true when the market is affected by rapidly changing technology and long buying cycles.


Unfortunately, there’s still not a widely accepted standard to measure the effectiveness of our content. Due to the vast amount of market variables across different industries, it might never be. However, by addressing the above mistakes properly, we could have a guide on creating content that our buyers will respond to. These responses indicate positive effects of our content and they could lead to actual sales. Without proper marketing strategy, such an opportunity may never arrive.

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